A Foreign Concept

“What does the bird stand for?” The exchange student asked as he quizzically stared at the computer monitor.

“Oh, well that is the symbol of Twitter. If you have an account, you can post your thoughts. And then those thoughts can be seen by the your “followers”. Each thought is called a tweet…like a bird, get it?” The translator held her arms close to her chest and flapped her hands as if to mimic a baby bird. “Tweet, tweet.” A seemingly injured baby bird.

The confusion did not stray from his expression. He paused in politeness. “I am not sure. Why would you like everyone to see your thoughts?”

The smile flickered off the young girl’s face as she searched for an effective way in which to describe a form of social media that claimed narcissism to be a form of communication. Her eyes swept over the room and then landed on her student. “Would you like for me to try to explain football again?”


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