An Actor’s Paycheck

I want to be an actress.”

The girl says as she puts the cappuccino foam to her lips.

I am wiping the counter, trying to get a day’s worth of coffee stains out before my boss can notice.

What does he not understand about chasing my dreams?

I look up, she looks down.

She is a stick adorned with gawky glasses and mousey hair.

So what if I can’t pay rent, I am not going to be a sell out.

Was she telling me? Or telling herself?

I think I am going to dumb him. I can’t be with a man who only supports me financially.”

Her eyes leap with joy with this revelation. She threw 30 cents in my tip jar, turned on her Salvation Army boots and stomped her way through the doorway.

What she doesn’t realize is that she will be back in 2 weeks to apply for a job as a barista.

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